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Based upon scientific research, Starpool has created four wellness paths to turn into reality what was previously lacking in the dream spa. As Riccardo Turri, Starpool CEO says: “We wanted to offer a new method of use inside the spa that would meet the wellbeing desires of each user” Choose your path, put on the bracelet of the corresponding color and let yourself be guided along!

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The path helps relax contracted muscles and promotes slow and gradual relaxation of the body.
Sweating and dilation of the pores act as a tonic, draining toxins and giving greater firmness to the tissues.
The path designed to cleanse the body through intense sweating that oxygenates the skin, ridding it of impurities.
For a burst of new energy and greater tonicity of the heartbeat with intense heat followed by intense cold.
Most spa-goers often choose their treatment haphazardly or basing their choice mostly on their liking with regard to the temperature, or even the aesthetics, of the equipment. Most of the time, people go to the saunas or steam baths that are less crowded – without any actual clue about their characteristics or the right methods of use to gain the best benefits from these treatments, known for centuries by several peoples. For this reason, Starpool decided to marshal the treatment options in order for them to have a logical and scientific sense. The difference in temperature, the humidity rate, the duration of the rest phase and of cold reactions, as well as the sequence of these physical elements, do change and affect the achievable results.
The sp.a_system method has four options, differing in associated color, effects, goals, equipment and sensory elements. Through a market survey, Starpool has identified the main reasons that push people in the pursuit of true well-being: RELAXATION ranks first, with a user preference of 58%, followed by PURIFICATION (21%) and ENERGIZATION (11%). Only 4% of the users say their goal is TONING, and the remaining 6% have different objectives.
The Scientific Research
Once the objectives were identified, Starpool – together with a team of thermal doctors – carried out a study to design four different spa options to meet the four main needs expressed by the users. Each option is designed to indicate not only the sequence and the equipment to use to achieve wellbeing objectives, but also the right duration of each session. Independent scientific research has given important evaluations about the sp.a_system method, and has shown that the feeling of well-being perceived by the users who had followed the right dosing of heat, cold and rest was in fact consistent with a real physical state of relaxation. In the study led by Dr. Alessandro Corsini and published on the international magazine “Sport Sciences for Health”, at the end of the spa experience the test subjects showed an increase in the heart rate variability from the vagus nerve, especially involved in states of relaxation and well-being.
Study data
This study was carried out with the voluntary participation of male subjects aged 21 to 49, non-smokers and with no medical history of heart, lung or neurological disease. They were all physically active and exercised regularly. They were instructed to use a classic sauna (15 min.), a steam bath (10 min.) and a Mediterranean bath (10 min.); each treatment was then followed by a cold reaction and a rest phase, for a total duration of about 75 minutes. Heart rate and arterial pressure were measured at rest in a supine position before and after the treatment. At the end of the spa experience, no subjects reported any problems or discomfort. Wellness treatments have clearly been shown to be well tolerated by patient and healthy adults. At the end of the treatment, systolic and diastolic blood pressure values were lower than before. In addition, the chosen spa option seems to influence cardiac nerve regulation, balancing cardiac variability and promoting an important effect of mental and physical relaxation and peacefulness. “Corsini A. et al., Effect of spa treatment on cardiac autonomic control at rest in healthy subjects, Sport Scli Health, 2015, DOI 10.1007/s11332-015- 0221-5”
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