Средиземноморская терма Sweet Mediterranean Pro

With SweetMediterraneanPro the ancient rituals of the hot baths are revived to modern standards. Its modular system, selected coatings, innovative technologies and patented techniques allow SweetMediterraneanPro to offer an alternative to the intense heat of sauna and steam bath, with a soft, enveloping and tender warmth thanks to its patented system of radiating walls.

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Бесплатно по Минску и по Беларуси
24 месяца
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Требования к питанию:
400 VAC 3P+N+PE
45 – 50°C
Относительная влажность:
55 – 65%
Wall radiation and convection from electrical stove (with automatic introduction of aroma)
Rgb led bar (on the ceiling and behind the seating)
Музыкальный комплект:
Integrated music kit with present selection of Spa Music by Starpool and audio MP3 player, optional Bluetooth technology.
Walls in an aluminum self-supporting structure, mountable in construction site (minimum thickness 8,1 cm, U=0.49 W/m2K)
Рама / дверь:
Door in tempered crystal, thk. 10 mm. Door width 87 cm. Handle: steel / steel
Максимальное потребление:
7,2 – 9,7 кВт
Сиденья / потолок / пол:
Solid surface
195L X 195P X 243H, 285L X 195P X 243H, 285L X 285P X 243H, 375L X 195P X 243H, 375L X 285P X 243H, 375L X 375P X 243H, *nella versione Vision la vetrata frontale può misurare al massimo 285 cm см
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Software and hardware that regulate and maintain a constant temperature in the installed product. Green Pack is connected to the automatic door closure system, permitting an energy saving of 20% in normal operation through management of the energy load.
Средиземноморская терма Sweet Mediterranean Pro
Средиземноморская терма Sweet Mediterranean Pro
This is software that permits Starpool products to be switched on remotely. It can transmit abundant functional data, problem alerts and maintenance check-ups to any mobile device.
Simple and intuitive software for the management and automated control of all Starpool equipment in a spa. Permits remote diagnostics and optimisation of energy loads. The controlled energy distribution avoids exceeding the maximum KW setting for the operation, meaning long-term economic savings.
Средиземноморская терма Sweet Mediterranean Pro
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