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Zerobody в СПОРТЕ

Мир спорта и фитнеса радикально меняется на наших глазах, а также правила игры для достижения успеха: не только тренировки, но и передовые решения для обеспечения спортсменам хорошего психического здоровья и эффективного восстановления мышц. Мы рады представить вам продукт, который привлечет новых клиентов, предложит любителям спорта полноценную тренировку и позволит вам поставить новые рекорды.

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Требования к питанию:
230 В перем. тока ± 10% 50/60 Гц
Эксплуатационная масса:
600 кг
400 л.
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Zerobody перед тренировкой
Все знают о связи важности поддержания здоровья ума и спортивных достижений. Благодаря Zerobody ваши спортсмены могут развить оптимальный уровень физической и умственной подготовки и почувствовать вдохновение для достижения лучших результатов.
Zerobody в СПОРТЕ
Zerobody после тренировки
Zerobody в СПОРТЕ
Zerobody Вместо тренировки
Отдых между тренировками имеет основополагающее значение для полного восстановления, укрепления мышечной структуры и снижения риска травм. Zerobody-это идеальный способ продолжить регулярные тренировки. Ваши спортсмены могут наслаждаться сеансом флоатинга даже в нерабочие дни.
Muscle recovery
Everyone now knows that rest and muscle recovery are an integral part of a good workout. What is not so well-known is that, after just one floating session, muscle pain can be considerably reduced, thus ensuring quicker energy level recovery and faster tissue regeneration.
Zerobody в СПОРТЕ
Zerobody в СПОРТЕ
Breathing rhythm
In sports, knowing how to breathe properly and having the ability to rebalance your rhythm after physical effort means faster and more efficient recovery of the cardiovascular system. Floating not only helps lower the respiration rate during the session but also induces a state of wellbeing that can extend the benefits for over two hours after the session itself.
Heart Rate Variability
The Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is an important indicator of stress level, in the sense of the balance between two systems that regulate body and performance: the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems. For an athlete, training is the main stress factor that can cause imbalance in these systems. Floatation optimizes the HRV, returning the parameters to physiological values and maximizing the effectiveness of post-workout recovery.
Zerobody в СПОРТЕ
Zerobody в СПОРТЕ
Stress level
Not everybody knows that stress can be quantified by measuring the Cortisol in the blood. Floatation reduces its levels by half compared to a traditional relax bed.
Athletic performance
The excellence of athletic performance is never random, but rather a mix of the mental and physical factors that determine the thresholds for our attention, concentration and motivation, as well as our technique and preparation. Floatation has a positive effect on many of these factors and makes an ideal ally for athletes.
Zerobody в СПОРТЕ

Giacomo Beccucci (Head of Performance - Aquila Basket Trento)

“Zerobody helps us with load management and recovery strategies – both concerning sleep, in terms of quantity and quality alike, and the mental and physical state of our players in general”.

    Gianni Moscon (Italian Talent of Road Racing Cyclism - Ineos Team)

    “Maintaining the focus and the intensity of my training programs was hard during the lockdown. That’s why I decided to install Zerobody at home: it helps me to quickly prepare my muscles for the next effort and, thanks to its combined Mindfulness programs, it allows me to efficiently train my mind too in order to tenaciously reach my goals!”

      Anton Bernard (Captain of Hockey Club Bolzano)

      “Zerobody makes me quickly recover after training and competitions, and helps me getting ready to sporting challenges in a better way. I believe it is a valid ally for every athlete, both in terms of mental preparation and physical and physiological benefits”.

        Fabian Tait (Defender from Football Club Südtirol)

        “Zerobody is very useful to me! Especially during very close midweek games and in the periods of maximum load training, Zerobody allows me to recover better and faster.”

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