Iron Black Kettlebell

Specially designed, Premium Line for the kettlebell enthusiasts. It stands out as a lavish range of weights available; 6-92 kg and as the quality of the technical solutions adopted. The melting process to a specific gravity of metallic alloy ensures the realization of a tool maximally strong and devoid of imperfections. All the kettlebell, with particular reference to the handle, in fact, appears exceptionally regular and smooth. Appearance latter essential for the basic, very broad, showing also regular, perfectly flat and can provide great stability and safety when the tool is used as a support base. The finishing is completed by the adoption of a powder coating of high thickness; extremely durable and elastic, which is important to reduce flaking and loss of paint that you have through use of kettlebells, especially if it is intense and professional use.
бренд: Sidea
продюсер: Sidea Srl
Модель: Iron Kettlebell
код: 2206-2292



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Iron Black Kettlebell
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